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YTT-200: Weekend I

Weekend I of YTT wrapped up on Sunday and I can’t believe that I’m finally getting to do this. Now. After and in the midst of so much Hard.  We spent roughly twenty hours from Friday to Sunday in an intensive learning environment, covering everything from the history of Yoga, to anatomy and alignment, God, […]

On Unwanted Anniversaries & Sharing Burdens Through Social Media

A year ago yesterday Scott and I were reading about Complex Regional Pain Syndrome for the first time and freaking ourselves out with Google images after an appointment with my neurologist.  • We’ve kicked a lot of CRPS butt since May 10, 2016, but yesterday was marked by a new pain experience, one my doctor […]

Yoga, Then and Now

In November of 2009, I’d had two knee surgeries, was overweight, and had just moved home after graduating from college. I needed a change and, at the encouragement of one of my sisters and some friends, began doing P90X in my parents’ basement. It was awkward. (You try exercising in a house with six other […]

Tire Tracks and Thanksgiving

  On the way to physical therapy yesterday, Scott and I stopped to see the tire tracks I’d been told remained from last week’s accident. Coworkers who’d seen them said they were bad and described how far off the road they went. Just like I’d needed to see my car, I needed to see that […]

Car Crashes and Comfort

On Thursday afternoon I was involved in an accident with two other vehicles– a mini van and a transit van, who collided first. My car was thrown 250 feet from the road into a muddy field and first responders carried me through the mud on a stretcher–not how I’d planned to spend my afternoon. Especially […]

What We’ve Gained, What Good It’s Done

Yesterday marked one year since I hurt my other ankle—the simple sprain which became CRPS, which led to an unfinished school year, which prompted a career move for the sake of a shorter commute. (The list could be longer and reminds me of children’s books that repeat and build…) Bed-bound since last Friday with the […]

Made Nomads By Mold

This evening I’m sitting on someone else’s couch, in someone else’s house, in front of someone else’s fireplace. This evening marks 21 days that my husband and I, made nomads by mold, have sought to find normalcy without our home or habits. It was a Thursday afternoon and we had been waiting for two weeks on […]