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YTT-200: Weekend I

Weekend I of YTT wrapped up on Sunday and I can’t believe that I’m finally getting to do this. Now. After and in the midst of so much Hard.  We spent roughly twenty hours from Friday to Sunday in an intensive learning environment, covering everything from the history of Yoga, to anatomy and alignment, God, […]

Where I’ve Been and What’s Happened

So I hurt my other foot. Wait. Let me start again. Last I wrote, I was headed north in search of the best, budget-friendly yoga classes in three states. From Frederick to Philly, Brooklyn to Queens, my best friend and I drove, driven by the challenge to take eight classes in five days. That trip […]

I should have been writing all along

The last month of the summer has been the best, and I am fiercely grateful. Scott and I went away for our one year anniversary at the beginning of July, enjoyed the company of ponies on a beach, camped, ate at fantastic restaurants, walked miles a day, celebrating one year of married life. The few […]

On having time and using it

Eleven days into summer vacation and I’m thankful for the abundance of time that I suddenly have. It isn’t that I’m not busy, but my focus has shifted and I have the space to focus on my workouts, my art, and the people I love. This week I did something I’ve never done, attending a […]

Transformation Tuesday on a Wednesday

I’ve been quiet. And I could say that it’s just because I’ve been “so busy” and that’s partially true, but mostly it isn’t just that. I’ve been quiet because, for a brief month and a half that felt like a defeating eternity, I let discouragement and excuses become my main motto, Slipped in my practice, […]


Days away from April and I’m thankful for this Friday off to write and work and be home. Photographed highlights from the last week or so, in no particular order: Roasted vegetables are back to being our new best friend here. Red peppers, zucchini, squash, and broccoli are my favorite combination. An attempt at roasting […]

The Way It Was Before

I haven’t always loved yoga. Or spin. Or weights. Or sneakers. Or the rush I get from an honest workout. I have this memory of being 19 or 20 years old, sitting on the sticky white paper in a doctor’s office, holding back tears until the nurse left with my chart. When you hear numbers from […]