About Leveled Paths


Where I’m Coming From

When I started this blog in 2014 I had a vague idea of what I wanted: to document my experiences as a twenty-something year old grad student working as a special education teacher and spin instructor, and to connect with people over my interests. I was a newlywed in a new place with a passion for yoga, art, and wellness and I was searching for possibility and a creative outlet within my overloaded schedule.

In 2017 I’m still interested in balance, wellness, and a creative outlet, but seeking out with a different perspective, courtesy of an uninvited companion: CRPS. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a fancy way of saying that I hurt a lot all over. In my quest to beat this strange syndrome, to minimize its spread, I am discovering that CRPS has brought with it great gifts and has proven to be a watershed, forcing me to choose the life I have always sought but never had the courage to claim.

If my story can serve anyone maneuvering through experiences they did not choose then I will have beaten CRPS, or at least given it a run for its money.


Art is not lucrative and neither is love. I went the outrageously impractical route and got a Bachelor’s degree in painting, which I’m told probably wasn’t the best idea, financially speaking, even with the added minor in creative writing. Fortunately, my Master’s in Special Education has afforded me some job security, if not the means to pay for my Fine Art degree. Sallie Mae gets monthly chunks of the checks my Philosophy professor husband and I bring in as teachers and will until we’re in well into our eighties.

I’ve got big dreams for more impractical degrees (namely an MFA), but in the meantime I scribble poems in my planner and sneak the fascinating people I’ve met into short stories nobody but Scott reads. I’m also a cat and plant lady– Scott tells me that I love incompatible things–but cats and plants and paint make me happy.


In May of 2017 I began a six month yoga teacher training program with the intention of furthering my personal practice and the hopes of teaching others.

I’m thankful to be a part of a small tribe of women–mothers and movers, writers and thinkers, mistake-makers with day jobs and big hearts who look for opportunities to create and question. We collaborate on a women’s magazine, a safe space where I’ve written and had the great privilege of rounding up other women who write and are fearful and imperfect, brave and funny.

I’m not here for any other reason except to dig in the dirt and get my footing on leveled paths.

Proverbs 4:26

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