Monthly Archives: March 2017

What We’ve Gained, What Good It’s Done

Yesterday marked one year since I hurt my other ankle—the simple sprain which became CRPS, which led to an unfinished school year, which prompted a career move for the sake of a shorter commute. (The list could be longer and reminds me of children’s books that repeat and build…) Bed-bound since last Friday with the […]

When Your Social Life Is Made Up of Doctors’ Appointments

Last week a co-worker asked if I could stay after school for a meeting. I apologized and awkwardly explained that I really can’t, on any day, because of how many doctors’ appointments I have each week. “You don’t really have that many appointments, do you?” “No, really, I do.” Since March 21st of last year, […]

Made Nomads By Mold

This evening I’m sitting on someone else’s couch, in someone else’s house, in front of someone else’s fireplace. This evening marks 21 days that my husband and I, made nomads by mold, have sought to find normalcy without our home or habits. It was a Thursday afternoon and we had been waiting for two weeks on […]