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Made this for Easter: Oven-Baked Mexican Quinoa Casserole

Made this for Easter I used red quinoa, no yeast, and had to cook it a bit longer than the recipe suggests, though. Huge hit with my husband and family, and I intend to make another batch for us to live off of. Really incredible. Try it.  

I’ll say it again


The days have gotten away from me

The last time I wrote was at the halfway point of our 30 day challenge. And on this rainy morning, (where did spring go and why?) it’s hard to believe that today marks 30 days of 100 push ups every day. I follow a lot of blogs, have a lot of IG heroes, and know […]

Ladybugs and Pushups

There was a ladybug in my coffee this morning. I don’t consider them lucky anymore–not that I ever was a believer in luck, or anything, but I certainly don’t consider them anything but cute nuisances now. They’ve been our constant companions all winter, and with spring seeming to actually be here now, I envision myself […]