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Days away from April and I’m thankful for this Friday off to write and work and be home. Photographed highlights from the last week or so, in no particular order: Roasted vegetables are back to being our new best friend here. Red peppers, zucchini, squash, and broccoli are my favorite combination. An attempt at roasting […]

The Difference Yoga Makes and the 100 Pushup Challenge

Got up earlier than my usual 4:15 this morning, so I actually have some time to write before work. Despite the threat of freezing rain this morning and the threat of snow next week (we had our 10th snow day this last Monday), I am still excited about spring and everything that’s around the corner. […]

There Is No Should

Yesterday evening I exchanged my usual Tuesday night routine of spin class for a 2/3 hot class with one of my favorite instructors, and was so glad I did. It was challenging enough that my mind could hardly wander, which I look for in a class, and the instructor is full of life and knows […]

A call on 20-somethings.

Originally posted on HANNAH BRENCHER:
My words are not a parachute. They won’t soften the landing when that moment buckles your knees and breaks you down to the floor. My words, they’re not no cold bucket of water. They won’t extinguish the doubt that blazes heavy, heavy, like a fire catching to all the pretty…

On Being Away and Coming Home

Travel has been a part of my life since my dad took me to Mexico City for two weeks when I was seven years old. Since then I’ve longed to leave, to go, to see. I came back from India when I was eighteen with twenty-six rolls of film, and went near broke developing it […]