Monthly Archives: February 2014

If you don’t have anything nice to say…

A few days ago WordPress sent me an email reminding me to post, and though I thought about writing all week, I avoided it since 1) I haven’t had many spare moments to collect my thoughts, and 2) I was sure that anything I wrote would be excruciatingly negative. Take, for example, the post I […]

On Snow Days and Being

I am a woman of structure. I plan. I make appointments. I write things down, then cross them off. Snow days wreck that. Don’t get me wrong. As a teacher and a grad student I love me a snow day. But without my usual structure of work, my commute, spin and yoga classes, and errands, […]

Balance and Finding It

I had to follow my own advice yesterday. Fork in the road moment and the choices weren’t so clear: In one camp sits self-kindness, patience, rest, and right next door were excuses. In the other, striving, perfectionism, with “shut up and do it” on the roof. Shut up and do what you wrote down? Or […]

Write it down

In the classroom, we ask our students to set goals, write them down, make plans for reaching them, and revisit them after a certain amount of time. There’s something about writing things down that makes them real. In my early days of P90x (November 2009) Tony Horton drilled into my brain that “whatever you do, […]

Shut up and do it

Last week, during a professional training day with my department, we were asked to pick a celebrity (Oprah, Ellen, Spielberg, etc.) who we identified with–who were we like in the classroom? During the activity, I had the opportunity to pick my RT’s brain a bit about why she chose who she did. She was the […]

The Way It Was Before

I haven’t always loved yoga. Or spin. Or weights. Or sneakers. Or the rush I get from an honest workout. I have this memory of being 19 or 20 years old, sitting on the sticky white paper in a doctor’s office, holding back tears until the nurse left with my chart. When you hear numbers from […]


Sunday morning, early early, as I carried my bulky, black yoga mat down the downtown streets of Frederick, two police officers who were out and about commented on how early it was too early for yoga on a Sunday. I told them, “This is my church. You should try it.” The earlier the better, and […]